Liten Karin (I was visited by the power and the glory I was visited by a majestic hymn Great bolts of lightning Lighting up the sky Electricity flowing through my veins I was captured by a larger moment I was seized by divinity’s hot breath Gorged like a lion on experience Powerful from life I wanted all of it Not some of it I saw a man turn into a bird I saw a bird turn into a tiger I saw a man hang from a cliff by the tips of his toes In the jungles of the Amazon I saw a man put a red hot needle through his eye Turn into a crow, and fly through the trees Swallow hot coals, and breathe out flames And I wanted this to happen to me We saw the moon vanish into his pocket We saw the stars disappear from sight We saw him walk across water into the sun While bathed in eternal light We spewed out questions, waiting for answers Creating legends, religions, and myths Books, stories, movies, and plays All trying to explain this I saw a great man turn into a little child The cancer reduced him to dust His voice growing weak as he fought for his life With a bravery few men know I saw isotopes introduced into his lungs Trying to stop the cancerous spread And it made me think of Leda and The Swan And gold being made from lead The same power that burned Hiroshima Causing three-legged babies and death Shrunk to the size of a nickel To help him regain his breath And I was struck by the power and the glory I was visited by a majestic Him Great bolts of lightning, lighting up the sky As the radiation flowed through him He wanted all of it Not some of it