March or die. Doc martens. The beast behind our eyes is loose, The day has come, the day has come, We march to Armageddon, hungry for the war I see the hated enemy, I see what I was taught to see And one of us will bend the knee We understand the law The blood lust jerks our legs to march, Fife and drum, fife and drum Our eyes are fixed and fearless Searching for the war Our statesmen deal in blood and lies A hundred million stifled cries, a hundred million wasted lives Already gone before So march or die, march or die The stench of death is in the sky We never fail to satisfy We rend with tooth and claw Sword and shield and jackboot heel We love to kill, we love to kill We love to taste our own blood Squirm in our own gore Children weep and widows wail, Our education systems fail, To hide our guilt we build more jails, And we shall build still more Our forests die, the stranglehold That we put on the earth for gold Will yet increase ten thousand fold And no one knows what for March and die, march and die Defecate, despoil and lie Cheat, dissemble, preach & spy Build your house of straw Laugh and cry, laugh and cry Bloody sunset drowns the sky For earth the heal then we must die No-one deserves it more I tell you we are doomed my friends Our time is come, our time is come We live within a charnel house Rotten to the core We glorify lust, greed & pain We drown our hope in poison rain We point the finger, shift the blame Ambition makes us whores March or croak, march or croak All your lives a cosmic joke Fill your days with piss and smoke The wolf waits at your door Burn and dance, burn and dance Sex, death, torture, false romance Whoop and howl, you have no chance Burn and rise no more

Den Mongoloida och socialdemokratin. Mongoloid he was a mongoloid Happier than you and me Mongoloid he was a mongoloid And it determined what he could see Mongoloid he was a mongoloid One chromosome too many Mongoloid he was a mongoloid And it determined what he could see And he wore a hat And he had a job And he brought home the bacon So that no one knew Mongoloid he was a mongoloid His friends were unaware Mongoloid he was a mongoloid Nobody even cared

Musikaliska Akademien gjorde[förtydliga] ett uttalande om att Ellingtons jazzversioner av Griegs stycken ur Per Gynt var kränkande för den nordiska musikkulturen. Duke Ellington drog tillbaka skivorna[förtydliga] och fallet togs aldrig upp i domstol.[1] Swinging Suites by Edward E. & Edward G.(även känd som Peer Gynt Suite/Suite Thursday) är ett musikalbum från 1960 av den amerikanska pianisten och kompositören Duke Ellington.